Milton Celebrates its 350th Anniversary in 2012

Mission Statement
Town of Milton, MA
350th Anniversary Committee

The Committee's mission shall be to regularly meet to plan, and coordinate a series of events, learning activities and social/cultural opportunities which will lead to an awareness and appreciation by all about the rich, 350 year growth of the town of Milton.
The committee's goal encompasses those strategies that allow opportunities for the greatest amount of town wide participation. It will further seek public and private contributions in its effort to highlight Milton's rich political, social, cultural, economic, educational, agricultural and religious history.

The 350th Committee – From left, seated, are: Tom Smigliani, Justin Curley, Lynda-Lee Sheridan, Wallace Sisson, Mary McLaughlin, Emma Jean Moulton, Nina Graves, standing, Brian Doherty, Janet Christensen, Pat Desmond, Ursula Beattie, Thomas McCarthy, Hyacinth Crichlow and Dorothy Cutler. Absent was David Connolly.

(Photo by Kevin Mearn)


Milton, MA USA

Minutes 3/7/11

The Town of Milton 350th Anniversary Committee held its first meeting on March 7, Monday evening, beginning at 7:00pm in the Town Hall. The following appointed members were in attendance: Ursula Beattie, Janet Christensen, Hyacinth Crichlow, Justin Curley, Dorothy Cutler, Pat Desmond, Brian Doherty, Kevin Donahue, Nina Graves, Thomas McCarthy, Mary McLaughlin, Emma Jean Moulton, Beth Neville, Lynda Lee Sheridan, Wallace Sisson, Thomas Smigliani.
Kevin Mearn announced at the beginning of the meeting that the Warrant committee is expected to vote $5000.00 for the benefit of the committee.
Tom Smigliani, acting as facilitator, led the group in a lively interchange of ideas celebrating Milton’s 350th celebration in 2012. Please see Beth Neville’s list of events, most of which were mentioned by various individuals at the meeting. These events fall into the broad categories of town-wide educational activities, updating Milton history, displaying old memorabilia and creating new memorabilia, cultural events, sporting events and visual displays. Beth also suggests the planting of a tree. We all recognized that more ideas will be forthcoming.
The official date of Milton’s incorporation is June 11, which is a Monday. One of the tasks of the committee will be to have events take place over a period of several months, possibly beginning in January with “inside” activities. It would be good to plan spring activities so graduating seniors can be included.
Pat Desmond of the Milton Times is creating a domain site: She suggests that the committee should sell ads and receive the money for anniversary activities.
Tom was of the opinion that Milton Academy should be represented on the board. Lynda Lee Sheridan will contact the head master. Justin Curley will check out some of his Milton Academy student friends.
A steering committee was formed at the end of the meeting of the following people: Beth Neville, Lynda Lee Sheridan, Pat Desmond, Tom Smigliani and Ursula Beattie.

Members of the committee are encouraged to contact their member organizations in regard to promoting the 350th celebration.

Committee Members Contact Information

The Milton 350th Anniversary Committee is open to ideas and help from the community. Contact information follows:

Beth Neville <>
Brian Doherty <>,
Ursula Beattie <>,
Beth Neville <>,
Emma Jean Moulton <>,
Hyacinth Crichlow <>,
Pat Desmond <>,
Lynda Lee Sheridan <>,
Dorthy Cutler <>,
David Connolly <>,
Justin Curley <>,
Wally Sisson <>,
Thomas Smigliani <>,
Janet Christensen <>,
Mary McLaughlin <>

Milton 350th Celebration Ideas
Prepared by Beth Neville

Spectacle /Entertainment
Parade of bands
or horses
or antique cars
or floats

Educational Activities
Milton history programs in all schools, public and private
Collections of archives displayed in accessible location
Collections of historic photos displayed
Written histories of Milton republished/updated
Re-enactment of “One-room school house” educational experience
School essays written by students

Updating Milton History
Oral histories of older residents (especially those who remember the celebration 50 years ago)
New photographs of Milton, and the celebration
New essays on current history, economic, demographic changes
Location and place to present the above research to the community?

Memorabilia from the past:
Display of old costumes, clothing
Display of old plates, mugs, books etc. from other anniversaries
Display of town-history artifacts
What location?

New memorabilia:
Mugs, coffee cups, plates
Blue-plate based on the 100-year celebration plate
Silk woman’s scarf
License plates with 350 insignia
Commemorative coins, jewelry
350th programs, booklets
calendar of Milton history for the year 2012

Cultural Events
Music concert covering the 350 years
Art exhibit of Milton’s historic sites, past and present
Theater production about Milton’s history

Please add "Agricultural displays and history" to the list, probably under the "cultural events" category.
Also, the idea of having Milton High School reunion classes getting together. This list is intended to be a list of possible "events."
Poem written?
New musical composition?

Sporting events
Team sports events
Races, games, hoop rolling, croquet, badminton,
Scavenger hunts
Milton roadrunners’ race
Boating on the Neponset

Visual display town-wide
Logo and color theme chosen
Light pole flags with 350 anniversary logo
Banners at major locations such as the library
Posters for stores, schools, religious spaces
Bumper stickers

Commemorative tree planting